I've had a problem with extreme sensitivity to heat for many years, however, recently its become a lot worse. I'm not taking any medications that would cause this. Our nighttime bedroom temperature ranges from 55-70 degrees, depending upon the time of year. Now that it's winter, it's generally in the 50's. I sleep without pajamas, using just a very light blanket. I've even resorted to having a fan blow on me. Even so, I wake up all through the night, uncomfortably hot and sweating. After I take a shower, unless I stand in front of a large fan for an hour, I sweat profusely. If I eat even the mild form of Peppers I sweat profusely. My normal body temperature is around 96.3. My son said that having a low body temperature can cause this. Last night, after I took my evening shower (I have to take at least to a day because of the sweating), I was so hot and uncomfortable, that I stood outside in 5 degree Fahrenheit temperatures for 15 minutes, with no coat on in an attempt to cool down. I was still hot, and upon returning indoors, I immediately broke out into a profuse sweat. I've gone to my M.D. for a Physical exam and everything is fine. Can anyone offer advice. Thank you.