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    Nov 22, 2012, 09:16 AM
    If you are in the US and have no health insurance
    But need medical help, go to an area hospital ER or to a walk-in clinic. At the hospital, you will be triaged according to the severity of your medical problem. For mental problems, go to an ER or clinic in order to connect up with a social worker who will guide you though the mental health care maze. Or, for mental health support/counseling, call your local village/township/county mental health or human resource office for info on low-cost or sliding-scale help. Many Catholic priests and Protestant ministers will provide counseling of all kinds (and you don't have to join that church, but they may ask for a donation to that parish). If you're a military veteran, a VA hospital will treat you for free. If in doubt about any of this, call the reference desk at your local library for more specific information, phone numbers, and contact names/places.
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    Dec 28, 2012, 02:08 AM
    I am a single mom with four kids and have no health coverage. Generally, most areas have a free clinic of some kind that will help people with no insurance for a very small fee or for free depending on your income. They aren't the best of places but beggars can't be choosers. I have been to several free clinics and they have helped me very much.
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    May 22, 2013, 06:23 AM
    Getting any type of medical assistance at clinics or ER's is much better than none. Emergency Rooms will NEVER refuse treatment.
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    Jun 29, 2013, 05:39 PM
    You can also get grants for low income/no insurance. These things are why I do not understand why we are being pushed into Obama care.
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    Jul 9, 2013, 07:32 AM
    What is Obama care going to be abd when do we have to have it and how much will it cost?
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    Jul 9, 2013, 08:30 AM
    This has been covered extensively by the media. Here is the info:

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