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    Dec 24, 2004, 05:21 PM
    I'm 26 and have had high blood pressure for 11 years. Does anyone know natural cures so I could cut down or eliminate medication. I exercise, eat healthy, don't smoke and am not overweight.
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    Dec 24, 2004, 07:23 PM
    The only good solution is to go and see a medical doctor.
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    Mar 31, 2005, 10:32 AM
    Acupuncture works wonders for millions of people with various medical problems
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    Apr 6, 2005, 04:15 AM
    ALERT: a bill certain to make you sick
    ALERT: a bill certain to make you sick

    "CODEX ALIMENTARIUS" legislation now before Congress

    Please read the letter below from Dr. Rima Laibow, MD, one of the few people in the world who has read all 15,000 pages of the proposed legislation.

    FAX number for your state's Senators and Representatives,

    Do your best to fax, but in the event you cannot, please get the message to DC the best way you can before April 22, 2005.

    Letter from Rima Laibow, MD


    March 23, 2005
    Dear friends and colleagues,

    Let me ask you if you know anyone who has actually read all 15,000+ pages of the working documents of the Codex Alimentarius Commission? Well, I have. Allow me to share what I have learned and what I believe to be a reasonable and appropriate level of concern.

    The World Trade Organization (WTO) is poised to take away your right to practice the healing arts guided by natural laws, scientific principles, and your clinical expertise and judgment. Through the process of harmonization (forced alignment) with WTO standards that regulate trade, distribution, and process ing of food, herbs, and nutrients, your professional rights and options will be eliminated within the next few years.

    The ability of physicians to legally practice environmental or natural medicine, their access to the substances they rely on to do so, and the rights of patients to chose these treatments are about to be criminalized in the United States by a draconian set of international regulations which have already become law in Australia, Canada and the European Union (EU).

    These standards, collectively known as CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, (from the Latin for "Food Rules") have been promulgated by the Codex Alimentarius Commission [established for this purpose in 1963 by the United Nations (UN)] in every area having to do with the production, processing, packaging and use of food, herbs and food components.

    Think that can't happen here? It can and it will, unless we take appropriate action and activate each member of our personal and professional networks. The Codex Alimentarius Commission was empowered to work with other UN-linked organizations in order to develop and promulgate uniform world-wide standards for food, nutrition and agriculture. The WTO, successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), is empowered to enforce global compliance with all CODEX standards via trade sanctions across the entire economic spectrum. Member nations (including the United States) agreed, upon signing the WTO treaty, to always allow the standards and regulations of the WTO to supersede and take complete precedence overnational standards, laws, and regulations.Once accepted CODEX takes on the force of law and cannot be repealed or changed by the WTO member nations.

    Presenting itself as a consumer protection strategy, CODEX policies masquerade as both benign and beneficial while, in reality, they are neither.

    (See, for example, the urban legend site, article "Vitamin See" which promulgates FACTUALLY INACCURATE DISINFORMATION about the real nature and impact of CODEX and the FDA's Response to Questions page,

    Once CODEX is adopted by a nation, there is a "phase-in period" during which the administrative structure is established according to a strict timetable. Bear in mind that in the United States, nutrients are currently classified as foods [under the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA)] and that any substance not explicitly forbidden is permitted as anutrient in the United States. Under CODEX, any substance not explicitly permitted by CODEX policy is banned as a nutrient.

    The CODEX preamble specifies that supplements and nutrients 'may not be used to prevent, treat or cure any disorder.' Yet, more than 80 percent of Americans use supplements for exactly these purposes. These natural health options will become illegal if the United States is "harmonized" with the WTO this spring while compliance with CODEX is still "voluntary" or when total compliance becomes mandatory, as it will be the case after the next CODEX Commission meeting in Rome. Health food stores will no longer be able to market and distribute nutritional supplements.

    Once CODEX is implemented (either through 'harmonization' or mandatory compliance), we will be forced to follow the European CODEX model in which it will be illegal to manufacture, buy, sell, recommend, or use any but 28 ultra-low dose nutrients whether you are a licensed health professional or not. "Only synthetic versions of that" short list will be allowed and natural supplements, herbs, enzymes and other non-pharmaceutical treatments will be banned. The only legal health option left will be the pharmaceutical one.CODEX regulations have been "harmonized" (i.e. approved) in the EU, Canada and Australia. The United States is next unless we act decisively and act now. Though CODEX regulations are passed quietly and without effective public notice in infrequent meetings abroad that are invisible to most Americans, they have grave and devastating impact on American's health freedom.

    Here in the United States, the 'harmonization' laws which will enact CODEX policy have been defeated by Congress several times, each time by a smaller margin. Given the composition of the current Congress, it is virtually certain that it will be passed unless we take swift and immediate steps to assure that does not happen.

    This legislative stealth attack on health freedoms will probably play out in May or early June of 2005 unless we take effective steps to help assure that health freedom becomes the "Mother of all third rails" for every politician in the country.

    CODEX is the result of a complex relationship between the UN (which established the Codex Alimentarius Commission in 1962); the WTO (which is authorized to enforce CODEX through trade sanctions); the World Health Organization (WHO), which subscribes to the CODEX regulations (despite the fact that they directly and explicitly conflict with their own findings and policies such as the FAO/WHO official publication, "Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases"); the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA); and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) working in concert with industry representatives of (and others unofficially representing the interests of) the pesticide, chemical, pharmaceutical, and dairy industries.

    Consumers, health scientists, physicians and other practicing natural medicine and other health-focused voices have been totally absent from official CODEX deliberations. Full ratification is expected in Rome during the July 4-9, 2005 meeting of the CODEX ALIMETNARIUS Committee.


    Yours in Health and Freedom,
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director
    Natural Solutions Foundation

    The Honorable [full name of your Senator/Representative]

    VOTE AGAINST the Dietary Supplement Safety Act and all similar legislation

    Dear [Senator/Representative]

    As your constituent I want to inform you of my very strong opposition to any version of the CODEX ALIMENTARUS regulations (or any otherlegislation which restricts my health choices and freedoms) becoming law or governing regulation in our country. The draconian regulations of CODEX will do irreparable harm to the health and well being of the entire population of this country since it will make it illegal for anyone, including licensed physicians, to offer, choose, dispense, or use natural health promotion and treatment agents like Vitamin C, Co-Q 10, zinc, and calcium at clinically effective dosages. It will also make the use of ANY nutrient (other than 28 permitted low-dose, natural substances) illegal at clinically meaningful doses. This setof regulations has already become law in Australia, Canada and the EU.

    I urge you to vote against measures which reclassify food supplements as drugs and increase adverse-results scrutiny in a biased manner while not applying the same standard to known toxic drugs (the fourth leading cause of death in the US when used according to labeling instructions) such as the soon-to-be reintroduced sequel to S722, “Dietary Supplement Safety Act.” Please be assured that I will use every means available to me to preserve and protect my freedom to choose natural treatments and substances when I feel that is in my best interest and look to you, as my elected representative, to protect me from this impending loss of health freedom.

    I appeal to you to act as a staunch defender of my interests, and that of other Americans, not those of the special interests which understand that a healthy populace spends less on medication than one with no access to effective natural preventive and treatment strategies. I look to you to prevent our country from being “harmonized” with the destructive and restrictive regulations of CODEX ALIMENTARUS to force ill health on all Americans. Please be assured that I watch carefully and appreciate your staunch support of the health needs of your constituents and the nation at large.

    Sincerely, [Your signature] [Your name, printed ]
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    May 6, 2005, 11:31 PM
    Powerful, yet Natural for Hepatitis C
    I have a friend who was really struggling with Hepatitis C and had little hope. His viral count had been as high as 59,000,000. It was at 18,000,000 when he tried what I described as an autoimmune booster. He had little else to lose.

    Within a few weeks, the viral count plunged to 2,000,000 and is continuing to plummet. He has a new life now.

    The immune booster is Original Limu (, a natural food, an extract of Limu Moui, a seaweed from the pristine pure waters of the Tongan Islands of the South Pacific where the natives have been eating it for over 3000 years and living into their hundreds in radiant health. Over 15 years were devoted to the development of the proprietary, non-chemical extract to achieve an extract of optimal nutritive value and stability.

    Over 600 studies have been reported on its key nutritive component, fucoidan, in the database of the National Library of Medicine, The 600 studies can be narrowed by combining in a search of the database the words fucoidan and immune. The studies corroborate a book by Rita Elkins, Limu Moui, which reports broad health benefits for fucoidan with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-tumor properties among many other attributes.

    It works by providing the body with the long-awaited nutrition for the body to heal itself. After all, that is what medicine is suppose to be all about - helping the body to heal itself as Hippocrates, father of modern day medicine said, "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." Sure enough, when I cut my finger now, it heals in half to a third the time before Original Limu. My son just broke his finger and I am sure that it will take less than half the usual time to heal with the Original Limu.

    There are all kinds of other benefits and loads of testimonies I have heard first hand from people I see weekly and meet and share the Original Limu with regularly. Those of us who really have gotten to know of its wonders consider it a gift from God and one of the greatest health discoveries of all time.

    My friend's doctor was amazed and said that he had a responsibility to share the good news with others suffereing from hepatitis C. So here I am out helping my friend spread the wonders of Original Limu with a hurting world.

    Please let me serve you by answering any questions and helping you get started back on the road to health. See or email me at or call at 979-297-1919. Be blessed.
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    May 6, 2005, 11:43 PM
    Powerful, yet Natural for Hypertension
    Sorry, I got my threads mixed up - Hepatitis for Hypertension. They both start with an H and that is enough very late at night when I am half awake.

    Nevertheless, the same Original Limu mentioned below not only has been reported by many to have dramatically improved their blood pressure but also their blood cholesterol, blood sugar and blood thickness. It also is a terrific skin rejuvenator and helps clear up acne. People with autoimmune disseases like MS, lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. are reporting outstanding results with Original Limu. Other reports regarding Original Limu come regarding asthma, allergies, sinusitis, depression, bipolar disorder, ADD and ADHD, arthritis and pain in general, migraines, thyroid problems, etc.

    I would love to help you get a new lease on life. Let me help you at or or 979-297-1919. Be blessed.

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