2 1/2 weeks ago, I sprained my ankle. I waited a few days to go see a doctor but when I finally did, he ordered x-rays. He said there are no broken bones. He told me to come back in a week. I did and my foot was still swollen and VERY tender in several places (I'm talking that it's so tender the water from the shower hurts it). He ordered more x-rays and said again that nothing is broken and foot looks perfectly normal. While I was at this visit, I also let him know that my big toe is numb, my second toe is numb, and below my ankle bone (inside right ) is also numb. I also have weird "tingling itching" sensation on the top of my foot over by my ankle bone on the outside. The skin there is a darker color than the rest of my foot. I pointed this out to the dr. but he didn't say anything. Now my foot is still swollen all over. It's not huge but looks odd compared to the other one. It still hurts when water from the shower sprays on it or if anything touches the top of it. The whole foot is now a different color than my other one. It's a reddish color I guess. The skin all over it is just darker than my other foot and it's not just one or two places so I don't think it's a bruise. Here's my main question I guess. Why do I have numbness in my toes and on my foot? Why is it still so painful after 2 1/2 weeks? And is this "off color" thing something to be worried about? The doctor didn't tell me wrap it or anything anymore. He just said he'd let me know how the x-rays turned out and he did but I wasn't given another appointment or anything. I don't know what to do now. Should I bother him some more? Or should I go somewhere else? Or am I not being patient with my body? Please help... I'm lost and afraid.:confused: