I wake up every morning with horrible pain on the left side of my head, from the top down behind the ear, and into my neck. I feel pressure like I slept upside down all night. I also have very heavy tired eye lids that are very hard to keep open after 3pm. My brain feels foggy... I was diagnosed with several disorders including Fibromyligia, RSD (reflex sympatic dystropy) IBS and I have had a number of failed back surgeries so I still have chronic back and left leg pain and I take prescribed pain medications. With out them my pain would be unbearable. The head and neck pain is new but I have been dealing with it for several months. It is really bad now especially in the morning. I cannot read for long anymore because my vission gets blurry and my eyes get very heavy and tired. All day.
Does anyone have any idea what maybe going on? The area on my head feels swollen, could it be RSD moved into my head? I read that it can spread to other areas, I have it in my left leg and calf. I take Lycria for the Fibro. And pain meds for chronic back pain.