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    Oct 17, 2013, 07:58 AM
    I have burning senasation on my legs is that the symptom to gastritis
    I am in the middle of life and death. I have been suffering from GERD/ acid reflux since 12 years. I went through five endoscopic procedure and one is awaiting for me now. I have been taking ppt medications over the years and none of them have worked for me. I am really suffering and I am not doing any thing other than thinking land speak out even. I eliminated almost all kind of foods and end up with nothing. The doctors told me to take the meds but they don't help me out of the problem. By the way my doctor is a GI specialist and he is the one who prescibed me nexium 40mg*2/day and antiacids too. My endoscipic result showed that there is friabilty and erythema in the antrum but the pain got worsen after the procedure which I presume would have problem along with the lining of the gut if I undergo another endoscopy procedure. Concerning my biopsy result it is negative for h.pylori.
    I have tried to use apple cider venegar with the mother but didn't help
    My biopsy result shows negative for helicobacter bacteria. I am.diagnosed chronic gasttitis and GERD. is that possible to have both at the same time? Does nexium work for both? Now am on bed and cannot sit and walk. Feeling pain on my body.. serious cannot bend at all. Still your ideas are valuable to me.
    I visited my GI doc yesterday and he prescribed me dexilant a different brand of omeprazole and to keep on taking carafate. I kept on telling him as my pain got worse and he wanted me to go for endoscopic procedure again. I afraid to do it again as my pain still get worse. Do you advise me to go for upper endoscopy again? I afraid if it worsen my pain. is there any effect this is going to be my 6 th time to do it.
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    Oct 17, 2013, 08:28 AM
    First, where do you live, how old are you, and what gender are you?

    GERD and gastritis are subjects that have a huge gulf between the established medical community and the natural medicine one. Given that you are getting worse despite all sorts of care, you might want to look into natural cures.
    Vinegar is indeed considered a natural cure for acid reflux, but it requires tiny daily drinks of it for quite a long time before it restores your stomach acid to normal levels (yes, vinegar is acidic, but that is beside the point when dealing with stomach acid, and you wouldn't drink it while also taking Nexium). And you may be beyond natural cures, after all the Nexium and other such drugs that basically create a life long dependency on them (according to the natural cure people).
    If you get to the point of erosion of the stomach around the esophagus, which you might have because of the pain you have, then you might even be a candidate for surgery.

    In summary, I don't see how anyone online can tell you what to do. You can spend weeks online, researching natural cures and blogs where others in your situation write about what works for them. That is certainly what I would do! I have a brother who believes that macrobiotic diet cures everything, but I don't. You could try it. It certainly is a good bland and healthy diet, totally based on carbohydrates, and it might soothe your stomach.

    Again, you may be in such a serious state now that without taking your medical records to a well known alternative doctor, you may not have other recourse.

    (Yes, GERD and gastritis go together. Gastro = stomach, itis = inflammation.
    Pain in legs I have no idea - could be something hitting a major nerve and pain is referred from there to your legs. Could be from spending too much time in bed. Could be a side effect of drugs. Could be anything. Do you get checked for urinary tract infections?

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