I am so frustrated. I have such a hard time controlling my body temperature. I have been told I have chronic fatigue related to having Mononucleosis twice when I was younger. I have been told I have Epstein Barr, also related to chronic fatigue. I have bouts of bad body pain in my arms, hands, feet, fingers, knee's. I don't sleep well, and I am super tired. I also get really hot for no reason, when no one else is hot at all. When that happens I break out into a sweat, especially on my face. My face feels like it is burning up and I have a cold sweat on my chest and back. I soak my shirts. This makes me self -conscious and then I get hotter and sweatier. I have had my thyroid tested and results were normal. I have been tested for Rheumatoid arthritis and results were normal. I used to be closely watched when I was younger because my father is diabetic. I don't think I have been tested specifically for that lately, but have had blood tested for other things and they didn't mention anything. I need to find some relief. Help me.:mad: