I too have foot pain in the outside area of my right foot,and sometime my left too.It comes and goes,usually lasting between two weeks to two months.I have even had it for two days.I had it one day then the next day it was completely gone!It hurts so bad that even at night the bed sheets make my feet hurt.It's strange I can walk on my heels or the front part of my feet (climbing stairs)with little to no pain but if the outside of my foot comes into contact with anything,I would hit the roof.I even get this problem in both feet sometimes.I was tested for Gout,diabetes and check out okay. I have it right now,it's been two days and really getting tried of this.I went to the hospital awhile back and they took ex-rays and found nothing so they sent my on my way.The next day both feet were in so much pain I could barely walk.If you were to grab the wide part of my foot and squeezed I would probably pass out. I am taking anti-inflammatories for a bad back but they don't seem to help my feet.Any idea's?