Hello. Greetings first of all. Well, see, on Tuesday morning I felt fine, nothing seemed to be wrong. Went to work at a restaurant, 3 hours cause it's split shift. Came back home and was supposed to go back to work at 5pm. Right around that time I started to feel bloated, and had lots of gas. Then my stomach started aching, and felt like I was going to throw up. Later all my skin began to feel sensitive, like aching... such as when you get the flu or a cold. Then I learned I had diarrhea too, and was very very watery. And heavily nauseated I was. The restaurant didn't open for some reason that night which was lucky or else I would've gone and felt worse.
Then around 7:30 to 8:00, I vomited repeatedly what I had eaten. Hours passed and I kept feeling really bad, sore skin, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting repeatedly. Felt pretty dizzy and could hardly walk straight due to bad discomfort. At 12:00am I vomited several more times until I had not a drop of fluid left or anything in my intestines. That's when I went to the hospital and they performed tests by drawing blood and urine sample. Had an IV, with sodium chloride and two medicines for nausea and overall discomfort and diarrhea. They said tests came out normal, and that it could be just food poisoning.
Here's the thing though, no one else in my home got that, and I did not eat out for two days. The day before which was Monday though, my grandma made some shrimp stock and then sent me some. I only ate a little bit before I started to itch at my throat and lips and then I felt a lump on the back between my throat and nasal passage. I usually get itchy on my throat and mouth when eating shrimp and occasional swelling around lips, but never had I swelled that much from inside.
After the effects were gone, I did not have any more discomfort due to shrimp the rest of the night nor the next morning, until Tuesday at 5 like I mentioned. So I am wondering if in fact it could've been the shrimp, even though many hours passed after eating it, or if it really was food poisoning from another source? Also none of my relatives who ate the shrimp stock got sick either. I would like to figure out if they could have caused it so I can be a lot more careful in avoiding it. If it was a different source then I have no idea what it was.