Hello everyone!

I'm new here.. and I have a question

Two year ago I noticed that my right eye has bulged out. And when I look in the mirror my eyes don't look even anymore, the one that has bulged out looks lower. It looks like my eye is open more than the other eye. I went to the eye doctor and they didn't think I had a problem, he thought I was always like this, but I'm not, I know when there is a difference in me, I look in the mirror everyday.. He just dismissed me and didn't think it was serious and he ruled out the fact that I have a tumor on my brain.

I don't have any thyriod problems (I have taken numerous bloods tests) and I have no other health problems, according to the doctors I'm perfectly healthy.

This might sound weird but I notice that some days my right eye is especially bulgy and other days not quite as much.. My left eye bulged a little, but not as near as obvious as the right eye

Do you guys think this could be allergies? If so, can I fix it? I also have been having hair loss problems for the past 3 years, and I just recently have been thinking it might have to do with my really bad anxiety. Could this maybe a symptom of the eye buldge?

Please help, I'm worried and I don't like how it makes me look.