The smell has progressed. I have no health insurance. Costs too much from my job. Was wondering what my options are? Anyway,I have a stuffy nose mostly one side more than the other... it's really red in there. I have drainage and blowing my nose for a while now its getting worse. My head hurts more than it used to and stuffy-like. I taste a nasty oder in my mouth and a dying smell through my nose. Others can clearly smell this. It's so darn embarrassing. I just want to climb under a rock and hide! P.S.I have a few bad teeth one uptop in the back my nerve is sticking out but you can't see the hole unless I open my mouth and turned my head upwards .The other is on the side at the bottom its turned dark colored in the roots.. both of the cracked teeth happened by biting into dungness crab leg. This happened in 2009.combination