Hello! I'm Joshua, 16 from Philippines. I have this
Strange case of excessive sweating (or
Hyperhidrosis as I've made a research about it
Before). Whenever I touch or dip my hands, arm or
Feet or any part of my body in a water, my general
Body starts to sweat, excessively! Even though I
Already wipe the water at first. I keep researching
This kind of condition on Google but no queries
Matched my condition, I really need someone who
Are able to explain, do you ever encountered this
Kind of excessive sweating? Any kind of water (even
Sometimes a drop) makes my body to become wet
And rapidly and continuously sweat, I swear. The
Only remedy that I'm practicing to overcome my
Sweat is to cool down my body fast, well sometimes
I put a lot of powder directly on my skin (it doesn't
Even works, it makes my body clayish), and of
Course to avoid water contact at all (except of
Course when I'm going to take a bathe). Is it a
Problem in my nervous system? Whenever I tend to
Go outside, I'm sweating a lot as well, and MORE if I
Make water contact anywhere outside. (Drinking
Water doesn't make me sweat, only when I'm touch
Any kind of water or liquid rather) My life is really
Hell disturbing. Can anybody help me pleease?