Hi, my lab results indicated that I have elevated levels of AST, ALT, 220, 372 respectively. My PA's nurse called me today to schedule an appointment for me on Monday. They asked me not to take any OTC medicine or supplements. I feel anxious to wait over the weekend to earn more about what's causing my liver enzymes to be so high. I'm not on any prescription drug except for my birth control (YAZZ), I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke. However, for the past couple of months I increased my level of work out intensity, about 2 hours 5 days a week, a combination of strength and high intensity interval levels of cardio, some days I may go for a walk/jog in the after noon. I also been taking supplements on and off, Iron for my low blood levels continuously for the past 3 weeks( Floradix), a sport drink every morning before my workout that has a combinations of creatine, caffeine, arginine, and other amino acids, I also been taking but not on a regular basis weight loss pills, tryptophan, valerian, and amino acid pills. I should also mention that I had my blood test immediately after 2 hours of my work out regimen. Did any one have a similar situation to mine? I'm hoping these levels will go down on Monday since I'm stopping everything now. Or are these high levels are more indication of serious problems? Please share any information that are related to my situation.

Thank you:confused: