I have had a recurring pain in my lower right side for almost a year. I went to a Urologist who diagnosed a kidney stone from the CT scan. He tried to get it out, but couldn't. He inserted a stent. While the stent was in, the aching was 100x worse. But, it was the Same spot. I also had an IVP, which was normal.

The pain is still there. It comes and goes. It usually aches for a couple of weeks at a time. Then, it might not return for a month. During the time it hurts, it intermittently goes from a dull ache to more of an intense throbbing. Even when I am not experiencing the aching, it is tender.

The urologist no longer thinks it is kidney-related and suggested a rib injury. It does not hurt when I breathe in, or feel skeletal, so the pain does not seem to fit a rib injury. I have not injured my back or done any heavy lifting.

One more bit of information - this concerns me most because when I was growing up, I had repeated exposure to arsenic over a period of 6 years. A company near our home illegally dumped arsenic and our home was in the highest concentration area. When this was discovered, there was a huge class action suit in my home town. The arsenic puts me at higher risk for kiney, bladder, and liver cancers.

Please help! I just need to know what kind of doctor to see next.