As I have stated in my last post, I have been having some bowel issues. For a month and a few days now I have had diarrhea almost everyday 5+ times a day (one day I had it 20 times). I have been to the doctor about this, and she collected a stool sample. (the one where its 4 tubes and they check for a lot of things) The test results have come back and said that everything is normal (that was a week and a Ĺ ago). I have still had the diarrhea since then. Sorry about getting graphic, but it looks greasy, mucousy, and looks like there is orange juice pulp in it (even though I havenít drank oj in over 3 months or more). Here recently when I do go to the bathroom, while I am sitting down, I get the tingling sensation in my legs that you would feel if they were asleep. I also get this horrible feeling in between my belly button and pelvic bone. It feels like someone is twisting and tearing my insides up, which also will make me feel nauseous. Very often I will wake up in the middle of the night having to rush to the bathroom in fear of going in my clothing. This has also made me almost late to work many times. It mainly happens in the morning and tends to subside around 10:30am-3:30 or 4:00pm, then returns afterwards. I would go back to the doctor but I have just canceled my insurance, due to me getting ready to go on the insurance work is going to provide (a lot cheaper). This is becoming very disturbing and agitating seeing that it is interrupting everything in my life. Wherever we go I have to make sure there is a bathroom nearby or a roll of toilet paper in my purse (if we are 4-weeling or hiking). This has even interrupted my boyfriend and Iís sex life (which I am none to happy about):mad: . I am to afraid to be intimate with him in fear of having an accident in the middle of love making (talk about being embarrassed). I just donít know what to do. I know that this is not a possibility because it is not healthy and I love food, but it has come to the point where I just donít want to eat because I know what will happen. I would sincerely appreciate any advice or thoughts about what is going on with me.

God Bless and have a wonderful day :)

PS: I surprisingly havenít lost any weight due to this.