Hey everyone.
I just found out last night that my dad is in the hospital with Chronic Leukimia.
According to the doctors they said that this is a very treatable disease and that the disease itself is non-aggressive.
The only thing that I don't understand is that my father had no symptoms. Such as acute pain, fever, and the only reason that the doctors had become alarmed was when he went to get routine blood work done(he has diabeties) and white blood cell count was extremely high. Normal being 10,000 and his being 300,000. He has been in the hospital since Thursday and they have already started him on chemo therapy meds and it has started working.
My father isn't really in the best of health, since before all of this he has had many problems associated with his diabeteis but he was getting better with that, that's why this came as such a shock to me and my family.
Im just wondering if there is anyone that knows about this type of Leukimia. Whether it be a doctor,nurse or Oncologist. Or even someone who had it themselves or knew someone who had it. Any information would greatly help me and I would be very happy for it.
Im just very distraught over this, I'm not ready to loose my dad.