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    May 16, 2016, 09:22 AM
    Is it Crohn's, IBS or something else?
    I am a 26 year old male with a history of canker sores, chronic stress, headaches, and abdominal pain/cramping. Both sides of my family, according to my parents, have sensitive guts, but no one has an official diagnosis' with the exception of my great uncle who had diverticulitis. Over the last year and half about, I have had 3-4 occasions where I have had severe abdominal pain/cramping (starts in the late afternoon and lasts a few hours) to the point where I start to sweat. The next day my stool will be tarry black, but the day after that it looks normal again. The last time it happened was in January and I finally went to my PCP and they told me about the possibility of an IBD and it scared me a little. I should also mention I have been going to the gym 4-6 days a week for the last 8 years and have taken plenty of supplements over that time including pre-workout. Although, as of now I haven't stepped foot in a gym for almost 2 months now (feeling tired and frustrated with my condition) and haven't had any supplements for about 4 months or so. I weighed about 195 or so 2 months ago and am about 182-184 now ( I don't eat nearly as much as I used too, but I still have an appetite.). I also used to drink 6 cups of milk for a long time to bulk weight but stopped that a year ago. I mention this because I am wondering if this contributed to damaging my gut. 2016 has been a rough one for me medically, I was very ill one day (flu like symptoms) and the next day it went away, I was diagnosed with pityriasis rosea (skin rash lasted 2 months and went away on its own). I have been tired A LOT, even with plenty of sleep. I have also been getting a lot of canker sores over the last couple months, I usually get them a few times a year, but now I get one after the next and it sucks. I experience bloating and cramping that occurs later in the day mostly, but it isn't painful, just uncomfortable most of the time. I have regular stool movements (no diarrhea or constipation and it looks normal color). Every once in a while I will get an abdominal cramp that hurts and the only way to alleviate it is to lay down. Also, my sleep is fine and am never woken up my any issues and I feel just fine every single morning, it is later in the day when my symptoms creep up on me. I have researched many things and am currently on a probiotic, turmeric, and I eat a tablespoon of coconut oil every night. I am also trying my best to avoid foods that are hard to digest, processed, or are bothersome (It is VERY difficult). Last thing I want to mention is this whole thing is causing me anxiety, I am always worried about the next time I will get abdomen pain. If this is a systemic condition, I feel like I am going through a flare up. Anyone have any insight or tips?
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    May 16, 2016, 10:35 AM
    Too many possibilities, especially for the internet.
    And many doctors have a tough time listening to more than 2 or 3 symptoms. You may need to try several doctors. You do describe well.

    My first suggestion would be to put family history at the top of the list, even though you are young, because you have had 3 - 4 tarry stools after cramping. Tarry usually means blood.
    You need a colonoscopy FIRST. Polyps could be a suggestion too, and that procedure and the right specialist will be a good start.
    All the conditions under IBD should be pursued. Crohn's can start at the mouth and go all the way to the anus, and you have canker sores.
    New data about IBD is being discovered daily, such as bacterial infection more than stress and poor diet.

    Food allergy tests should be done too, including gluten. Some of the most common ones are wheat and eggs.
    DIET really has a lot to do with almost all conditions, and eating a probiotic, turmeric, and coconut oil is a somewhat pitiful approach. Just as a small example, good foods need to be eaten together. Coconut oil is neither a cure all nor something to take alone. Yes, it is hard to work out a diet that is good for you, but you must. I assume that you know which foods aggravate diverticulitis (small seeds, etc). Given that you sleep well and it's later in the day that pain starts, doesn't that suggest that food is a good topic to work harder on?

    Lying down to relieve abdominal pain suggests something rare, but I won't get into that, because I believe that the above two approaches are the most important first. It has to do with how organs are arranged in the abdomen. There is a lot of room to move out of place. But it could just be trapped gas that is relieved when you lie down! No way to guess.

    I'm ONLY adding this as another remote possibility, because I have a friend who had many of your symptoms, and doctors were so sure it was Meckel's that they operated there (it wasn't, it was something else, but at least they found it).
    And he was in his 20s, so don't go by the part about 2 year old males.

    Anyway, all this boils down to your entire intestinal tract, so research the best specialist you can find. Your regular MD won't mind.
    [adding this later even though you probably know ]

    (PS: Because of pains of old age, I have been eating THC oil on home made cookies for relief, and researching the whole subject of cannabis, and finding more and more real scientific evidence, along with all the thousands of testimonials, of it's curative powers. Given how anxiety can affect your gut, I suggest it!)

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