Hi, I was bitten by a neighbor's dog on Sat. 5/6/17 on my pointer & middle fingers. The bites and punctures were deep but did not require stitches but there was a lot of swelling. I rinsed with peroxide and used Neosporin for next 2 days until went to an Urgent Care on Mon. 5/8/17. They gave me a tetanus shot since I hadn't had one since I was a kid (I'm 41) and a steroid shot and Cleocin 300mg to take twice a day for the next 15 days and told me to continue with the peroxide and Neosporin. I have thyroid autoimmune disease so my immune system is very weak especially so since having Epstein Barr virus in November and being hospitalized and then having a major hernia surgery in March. I have been getting hives all over my body, chills, sweats, racing heartbeat, major headaches, neck and lower back stiffness, jaw stiffness and low grade fever off and on since the day after I went to Urgent Care. My blood pressure which had been steady for years with my blood pressure medicine is now averaging 155/100 and heartrate 97-104. My wounds are scabbing on my fingers but are still red and puffy around the scabs. Could this be tetanus?