hello. I been living in this apartment for 4 months.

for 4 months I have been having small chest pain on the right under my breast but it subsided after about 2 months of living here I still kind of have it but I never really notice it anymore. When I wake up in the morning I always cough and have gunk in my throat (tho that could be because I smoke) I have allergies to and high anxiety I been to a hospital at least 4 times in the last 4 months they did x-rays and everything. Said nothing is wrong with me. First month I was in here I was real dizzy and thought it was because of my allergies because of the carpet or because the house is kind of *slanted*.

well I noticed there are yellow bleeding stains on y bathroom walls in the rub and on the walls over it. Someyone said it is water stains and nothing more. Some yellow is vissable on the sink in the bathroom and there is gooey red stuff or something. That wiped off but the yellow stains DO NOT! We tried CLR and everything it's like it imbedded into the wall.

I looked up meth busts and I saw that yellow stains on walls could be iodine from meth cooking I have a picture but it's not that great.

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could I be lving in a eth house?? I called my local police and health department and they said they will call me back with a investigator but they doubt he will lcome and test if it been lving here for 4 months and did not say anything earlyer.