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    Oct 5, 2007, 05:46 PM
    Chronic left shoulder pain
    I have been dealing with chronic upper shoulder pain for quite some time now. I have IBS with Constipation, and my shoulder pain flares up when my IBS flares up. The only thing that concerns me is that the pain in my shoulder never really goes away. It will subside, but I'll still feel it. My doctor has told me that there is nothing wrong, but I'm definitely not making it up. Is there anything that I can do, or take, to finally get this pain to go away?:confused:
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    Oct 5, 2007, 05:55 PM
    Until a medically knowledgeble member attends to your question
    Here is something to read,
    Is this how you feel?
    Your Orthopaedic Connection: Frozen Shoulder

    Pain due to frozen shoulder is usually dull or aching. It can be worsened with attempted motion. The pain is usually located over the outer shoulder area and sometimes the upper arm.

    The hallmark of the disorder is restricted motion or stiffness in the shoulder. The affected individual cannot move the shoulder normally. Motion is also limited when someone else attempts to move the shoulder for the patient.

    Some physicians have described the normal course of a frozen shoulder as having three stages:
    Stage one: In the "freezing" stage, the patient develops a slow onset of pain. As the pain worsens, the shoulder loses motion. This stage may last from six weeks to nine months.
    Stage two: The "frozen" stage is marked by a slow improvement in pain, but the stiffness remains. This stage generally lasts four months to nine months.
    Stage three: The final stage is the "thawing," during which shoulder motion slowly returns toward normal. This generally lasts five months to 26 months.
    Please click link to read more.
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    Oct 5, 2007, 06:55 PM
    There is also a thing called torn rotator cuff and it gives you about the same pain that you explained. It also has a symptom of not being to raise you arm out to the side of your body. You can probably find this talked about at the same URL... Your Orthopaedic Connection: Frozen Shoulder...
    You mentioned having Constipation, if you happen to be taking a pain reliever caller Hydrocodone it is very notorious for causing constipation.

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