I've been suffering for chronic hives urticaria only on the soles (bottoms and sides) of my feet and toes and on the palms of my hands for over ten years... Sometimes they go away, sometimes for a few months then always come back..other times I will have them for days, weeks months with no relief, I can go a day or two with none then they are back again.. I've tried going gluten free, not wearing socks using baby soap organic laundry detergent ect ect.. I take 4 Benadryl at night to help me sleep but it does nothing for the itch and stinging. For years I've used ice packs to help me sleep, waking up with swollen itchy throbbing toes because they got too cold. Now I burn the hives with very hot water from the tap, it hurts but it takes the itch away for a little while! It actually works! . It's very depressing ! I've narrowed it down to either pressure induced or hormonal related? Does anyone else out there have hives only on their feet? And occasionally on the palms of their hands? I've also noticed that on my right underarm only below my wrist, two to three pimple like red dots that appear usually when I have a bad case of hives on my feet at the time.. Not sure if it has anything to do with it or not , but it's defiantly weird! Thank you.