I am writing for my 30 year old daughter who is really getting depressed that her doctors can't seem to find out her problem. She had pneumonia 5 months ago, was treated with 2 antibiotics and got 75 % better. She still has tightness in her chest and trouble taking in a breath. Sometimes she feels like she is suffocating. She can't play with her kids, clean her house or excersize. Her chest X-ray was fine, just scaring left from the pneumonia. Allergy tests were negative. Sinus cat scan was fine. Upper GI showed slight acid reflux. Abdominal ultrasound was normal (no gall bladder problem). She also has pressure, right below rib cage, in middle of chest, as though someone is pushing in and up with a fist. (I thought that sounded like a hiatal hernia). After her baby was born 7 months ago her doctor thought she had diastasis. Could these all be related. She is going crazy. Please help.