Hi, All!

My dad passed away from cancer in 1982 at the age a 70. One of the things that he did for a living, was that he was a mailman for 37 years.

His cancer started on his face. After a few years, cancer was found in his lymph nodes around his neck. He had an operation to remove the lymph nodes that were affected by the cancer. He chose not to do chemo but did do the radiation thing.

We all thought that the skin cancer had spread to the inside of his body. I've often wondered though, if what he would eat and drink every morning might have contributed to the cancer forming inside his body.

Every day for many years, my mom and he would get up at 4:30 A.M. and my mom would fix him, eggs, bacon and coffee.

Could that combination of food and drink possibly have been a contributing factor to cancer forming on the inside of his body?