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    Jan 10, 2003, 10:35 PM
    Cancer and edema
    A friend just had a huge tumor removed and has a colostomy bag. Several small tumors were left in, figuring chemo would take care of them. She is now experiencing terrible edema in her legs, feet and abdomen. What is causing this and how should it be properly treated? Does it have anything to do with cancer cells blocking the lymphatic system?
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    Apr 21, 2003, 08:12 PM
    Cancer and edema
    Hi Cher..
    Sometimes cancer or certain treatments will cause edema. My mom was diagnosed 10 years ago with uterine cancer after she delivered my sister 3 months early. She had a total hysterectomy. ( By the time she was diagnosed with cancer she was already stage 4 ) She went through chemo and has been in remission ever since. However she did get lymphodema because of either the treatment or the cancer. Not sure which. Make sure your friend calls the doctor. And make sure she does as the doctor orders. It's to late for any treatments to be effective for my mom and she suffers terrible pain in her legs, feet, stomach and back because of the water retention. There are some clinics that specialize in Lymphodema if that's what your friend has. If she does tell her to ask her doctor about any of those clinics that may be around your area. I'm not by any means saying that the same is going on with your friend but it never ever hurts to be to careful or ask questions. If my mom had done the same thing maybe there would have been something that they could have done to help her... Best of luck

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