Can a spinal Doctor reading an MRI prove that there are pre-existing changes three years AFTER an accident occurred?
I have had an accident at work and had an MRI 3 years after my accident, it shows that I have spinal degeneration and two herniated discs one above the other.. The Defense spinal consultant says that my accident brought forward my injury by 2 years as there are pre-existing changes.. I was 27yrs old at the time and I'm now 31 I do not believe that I would have been in this condition in 2 years as I have always been very active and fit.. I have never had any health problems in my life.. The defense side is saying that they will compensate me for 2 years of my life as I had pre-existing changes almost like a fault line for an earth quake... How can a Spinal consultant read that from an MRI especially because I had 3 more accidents in those 3 years after my first initial accident and before my MRI,the doctor said that in his OPINION he thinks that all I needed was a knock to bring forward my underlying condition bye 2 years?. For those who don't understand and think I'm a clumsy chap lol I'm a social worker and one of our very big youths needed to be restrained... the other accidents were assaults on me because I have a bad back now:( PLEASE can someone help me with a concrete answer:eek: