I am a 40 year old male. About 5 years ago I began to get inflamed areas on the sides of my face. I have been to many doctors and after a multitude of tests the say I have LE ( Lupus ) I do not get the butterfly type rash but many other types of skin problems that can occur anywhere on my body. You name it and I get it. Occasional boils, Large patches of red raised skin on face, shouders that eventual disappear altogether and go away. I get numerous smal blemishes that come and go on my shoulders, under my arms, on my back, on my legs, buttocks, everywhere. The do not itch or hurt. They stay for sometimes a long time or short time then out of the blue the just disappear altogether. I am losing faith with doctors as the tell me the same thing over and over but are not able to give me anything that helps. Has anyone else expierienced any symptoms like me? Anyone have any Idea what this is? :confused: