About four years ago out of nowhere I got a bump on my labia majora where the hair grows and it did not itch or hurt but of course it was unconfortable cause it does not belong there and it oosed some clear stuff just a little (kinda of sticky too) and it went away on its own I did not think of std because I had not been sexually active in about a year. About two years later again the same thing eventually it scabed and went away too. A little over a year later wich is now about six months ago the same thing but this time I tried squeezing it and nothing happened except that a little bit of clear liquid came out of what smeed to be like my hair pores so I tweezed the hairs just from tha bump and then it begun to scab and heal and I kind of peeled the scab off (bad idea it burn when I pee at first) when I saw my doctor she said "well it looks like it could be a type of a herpe but she touched and squeezed it and it did not hurt at all so she said its probably and ingrown hair" she recommended neosporin, and it worked. But how could it be some type of ingrwon hair if all times I hadent shaved in a few weeks although that was coinsidental I think because I tend to shave all the time. I've been with only one person for the past 3 years living together making love all the time and he hasent had any type of std (I mean if this is what this bump is/was then by now I think he would have it too, and we've done everything in bed together) I've been tested for std before and after this ever happened and everything has always came back normal, but not while I had that bump down there and its small like half a raison cut the long way its like a bump a little hard when I feel around it, for some reason I'm paranoid that this could be a herpe cause I've never experience this type of thing before I'm 25 and have been sexually active since the age of 12... am I tripping out or what? Someone help!