I have something that is biting me on my body. It is in my hair and on my body and in my clothing. What ever it is it bites or stings and feels like it buries in my skin. I can feel it walking on my skin. It falls from my hair and I can feel it on my clothing when it falls. When I go to pick it off it goes into the clothing. It looks white and sometimes black. It looks a lot like lint. When I feel it biting or a sting it looks like a little black dot. And when I see it in my hair it looks white or shinny. I have used lice shampoo creams. I have been to a skin doc, my primary doc and a vet skin doc for my dog because I thought it might be mites. But I have not been able to get this problem away. Please if anyone knows what this is or a solution that might help please tell let me know. I have been dealing with this for about 8 months now. Like I said its in my hair, on every part of my body that has hair even my eye lashes everywhere. Please help. Thank you