Two days ago I was cleaning my room and my head started itching.
I found a little black bug on my finger after I scratches.
I automatically thought omggg I have lice because when
I started scartching around and found another one!
I jumped in the shower and used a billion shampoos including one
That is supposed to lighten your hair because mine is short and bleached blonde,&
I also washed my blankets and pillow cases right away but not my jackets .
After the shower I noticed I combed out like 8 bugs! That;s never happened to me before.
Is it because someone slept over and 2 days ago?!
Yesterday I showered with lice shampoo I didn't find any other bugs in my hair except
Maybe 1 black little dot that I'm not sure was a bug.
&my head doesn't itch any more than usual when I didn't have bugs.
I scratch my head when I think lol
I also and sprayed some spray I bought to get rid of lice and their eggs
All throughout today I noticed I have more and more itchy little red dots on my arm that kind of look like
Bug bites? What's wrong with me? Do I have fleas lol??
A couple of days ago I had seen some ants in my restroom but they're gone. Does that matter?
Are ants attacking me lol
I got some anti itch cream for bug bites and put it on the dots :[ help too lazy to go doctors.