For the last month or so, I have been breaking out in hives on different parts of my body, primarily, arms, legs and torso. It all starts as a LARGE bump that itches and then it moves to another place on my body. For example, I can have a large bump on my arm/wrist, and then my leg starts itching. Also, I get a lot of those bumps/hives, on my torso, where my underwear touches. It gets really bad during the afternoons or when I am driving home from work. By the time I make it home and change my clothes, I am scratching like crazy...
I have put some "antibacterial" Purell while I am driving and that has stopped the itching, but I can not do it all the time, since I am driving and I cannot reach my back or arms.
I have changed my detergent to "free" scent, etc and don't even use fabric softener to see what is causing my itching, but I still itch.
I always end up taking some Benadryl or some other antihistamine when I get home, which makes me drowsy and I then I have to go to bed early.
Any suggestions, other than going to an an allergist and going through the "allergy test"? That might help?