I got my very first pap smear yesterday at the clinic to get tested for std's and such. My boyfriend of a year and I decided that we wanted to go get tested and eveything since we have been with other people before and we just want to be with each other. There is no doubt in my mind that he hasn't been faithful to me. We live together and love each other very much.

His doctors appointment was yesterday as well. He has these little bumps on his penis and we wanted to see what they were. The doctor said they were genital warts. I'm like freaking out! I haven't gotten the results from my pap back yet but I know for a fact that I've obviously got HPV. We do have unprotected sex quite often so that's how I know I've got it.We've been sleeping with each other for a year now so yeah. Those bumps started showing up about 4 monthes after we started going out. Before him and I started having sex, he hasn't been with anyone is monthes.
Who gave it to who isn't really the problem though. The fact is, is that we've got it.
I do realize that it takes time for symptoms to show and everything so yeah.
Idk when I got it.. or when he got it. Idk if he got it from me or I got it from him. But it doesn't matter in my opinion.. my only worry is that we get it taken care of. I don't have any warts or anything. He does. He's got some meds and stuff to clear them up and I just have to wait for my results and take it from there. I do realize that it can cause cervical cancer by the way. I read about all the facts on them there's just a few unanswered questions that I have.
Anyone who has this experience of some sort I need some advice and help.
These are the following questions that I am curious to know the answer to.
How long do I have to wait to have sex with my boyfriend again?
If I do have HPV.. What will they do to me? like How do I get rid of it?
Why does my boyfriend have warts and I dont?