I get a boil/abcess inside of my bellybutton about once every year or two. It hurts for two or three days and then pops, drains, and heals. Well, I got another one about two and a half weeks ago. I applied heat to it for two days and it popped and started draining. The drainage at first was pretty gross and there was a lot. It stopped hurting shortly after it started draining and it doesn't itch, I don't have a fever, I feel fine, and there is no negative feeling at all around it or in it. However, it's been two weeks now and it's still draining. It's not constantly or a lot. It's mostly clear. I can't see it but it's obviously not healed yet. Is this normal? The other times it's popped, it drained for like an hour and then it was gone. I don't have insurance so I prefer not to go to the doctor for this unless I have to. Since I have no fever, I don't hurt, and I feel normal, I don't really see a reason to. I keep it clean. But if the time of the draining is cause for concern, I would like to know. Any advice? Thanks!