This question is actually for my mom. She had gastric bypass surgery over 4 years ago and is doing great. She was never a cold natured person before, even after losing over 125 lbs. but in the last six months it seems that she can't get warm. On a typical day she wears pantyhose, long johns, and dress pants with anywhere from 2-3 heavy pairs of socks on the bottom half and normally a long-sleeve undershirt with a sweater and sometimes a light jacket on the top. She even keeps our house around 80 degrees F. The only time that she did seem half-way warm was when we were all sweating because the thermostat was on 86 degrees F. At first, we just thought that it was her bodies reaction to losing all the weight, but this didn't start happening till later in the weight loss process, and she is at a standstill with her weight loss, so shouldn't her body have caught up and be working normal by now? I have been researching and everything points to anemia, but she has had lab work done and she isn't anemic. Any suggestions?? :confused: