Hi, Im wondering if anyone knows what could be wrong with me. I've been to two doctors and they are baffled. This started last year and has now becoming more frequent, I've had about 4 episodes in the last 5 weeks. It's a feeling that just comes on without warning when I'm walking or standing. I feel an aching in my buttocks and a tingling sensation as though my bottom is on fire, then both my legs ache and feel so very weary, as though I've just ran a marathon or climbed blackpool tower! I've tried walking about to see if the feeling will go off, but my legs feel so very tired with a mild ache, that I worry they will give way. I find that sitting down for about 5 minutes usually does the trick and the feeling passes and I feel fine again. I have a slight pain in my lower back but I can't say I feel backpain when this is going on. One of the doctors has booked me in for head and back scans, but I don't know how long Ill be waiting for this. Im getting to feel panicky now when I go to work, or out anywhere (I work part time as a midday assistant at an infant school) in case the feeling comes on and Im not near a chair. Im a happy 53 year old, and otherwise feel healthy. I had a slipped disc but that was many years ago, when I was in my 20's... Hoping someone can enlighten me. Thanks for reading this. :)