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    Math - Word Problem?
    I have answers for some of them. But, not sure if they are correct.

    1) Roberts Department Store marks up its sundries by 28% on the selling price. If a 6.4 ounce tube of toothpaste costs $1.65, what will the selling price be? Round to nearest cent. Show dollar sign in answer.

    1.28(1.65) = $2.11 ($2.10)

    2) Question: Toll's Variety Store sells an alarm clock for $14.75. The alarm clock cost Toll $9.90. What is the markup amount as a percent of cost? Round to nearest whole percent. Include percent sign (%) in answer.

    (14.75 - 9.90)/9.90 = 49% (50)

    3) Question: Calculate the markup based on cost. (round to the nearest cent). Cost is $425, Markup (percent of cost) is 30%. Include dollar sign and decimal in answer. Round to nearest cent.

    1.30(425) = $552.50

    4) Ed's Print Shop received a $4,000 invoice dated May 12. Terms were 3/10, 1/15, n/60. On May 24, Ed's Print Shop sent a $1,900 partial payment. What credit should Ed's Print Shop receive? Include dollar sign and comma in answer. Do not include a decimal point in the answer.


    5) C. Pratt has earned $96,000 so far this year. This week she earned $3,500. Find her FICA Social Security deduction. (Social Security only, not medicare). Social Security base is $97,500. Social Security rate is 6.2%. Round to nearest cent. Show dollar sign in answer.

    .062(97,500) = $6,045

    6) C. Pratt has now earned $99,500 for the year, so far. Next week she earns $1,050. What will be her total FICA deduction (Social Security and Medicare combined). Social Security base is $97,500. Social Security rate is 6.2%. Medicare rate is 1.45%. Round to nearest cent. Show dollar sign in answer.

    .062(97,500) + .0145(100,550) = $7,502.98

    7) Fisher Equipment is selling a Wet/Dry Shop Vac for $49.97. If Fisher's markup is 40% of the selling price, what is the cost of the Shop Vac? Round to nearest cent. Include dollar sign in answer.

    49.97/1.4 = $35.69 = ($35.70)

    8) Complete the following payroll register. Calculate FIT by the percentage method for this weekly period; Social Security rate is 6.2% on base of $97,500; Medicare rate is 1.45%with no base. Jim will not reach the maximum for FICA. Employee Jim Daley is married and claims 2allowances. His Gross Pay for this pay period is $1,400


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