Joe's centrepiece is a simple but very effective use of two circles and
Two regular hexagons rotated to give the effect of a medieval dial. The
Radius of the inner circle is 10 cm, half the length of the sides of the
Regular hexagon. AC is a side of one of the hexagons and BD is a side
Of the second, which is obtained from the first by rotation.

(I) Find the area of the inner circle, giving your answer in terms of π.
(ii) Find the area of the large outer circle also in terms of π and
Hence express the area of the inner circle as a percentage of the
Area of the large outer circle.
Hint: Each hexagon can be divided into six congruent equilateral
Triangles, for example the triangle AMC is one of the six
Equilateral triangles that make up one hexagon and the triangle
BMD is one of six equilateral triangles that make up the second