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    This Statement of Work concerns developing a District Manager training program for the Absolute
    Service Company. The work involves two major Tasks. There must be an external evaluation before
    Beginning work on the next Task. The project deadline is October 1, 2006. If the deadline is not met,
    The client will not pay for the project.
    Task A requires a team to develop training materials. Current plans are that a six person team will
    Work six weeks to complete the Task. The external evaluation will take one week to complete. If the
    Material created in Task A passes evaluation, work on Task B will begin immediately.
    Task B will require a team of ten to conduct District Manager training sessions. This Task will take
    Eight weeks to complete. An external evaluation of the training sessions will be conducted prior to the
    Project deadline and will take one week to complete.
    The costs for each Task are $2,500 per team member per week, plus materials and other direct
    Costs. The contract is fixed price, so any overruns on labor costs will not be compensated by the
    You find that doubling the team size for each task cuts the time for the Task by 1/3. If you double the
    Team for Task A only, given the project deadline shown above, what is the latest date Task A can
    a) June 1
    b) June 15th
    c) July 1
    d) July 15th

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    Oct 30, 2010, 07:31 AM

    Well, take it this way:

    How many weeks does Task B and the evaluation take?
    Since you doubled the team size for Task A, how many weeks it will take now, together with the evaluation?

    How many weeks these make in total?

    Remove those number of weeks from the 1st of October and you're done.

    Answer: 1st of July

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