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    Mar 26, 2005, 05:07 PM
    Percent changes
    Can anybody help me out with this?

    On December 31, 1995, there were an estimated 411 prison inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents. This number rose to an estimated 476 inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents by December 31, 2002.

    a.What percentage of the U.S. population were prison inmates at the end of 1995?

    b.What percentage of the U.S. population were prison inmates at the end of 2002?
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    Mar 27, 2005, 02:08 PM
    If we assume a uniform distribution of the data, then 411/100,000 *100 is the percentage of inmates at the end of 1995 and 476/100,000 *100 is the percentage of inmates at the end of 2002. This problem seems repetitive, though. Does anyone else see a catch of some sort?
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    Jan 25, 2011, 01:23 AM
    I know this was posted a long time ago... however I will let people know how to get the answer. For both years you need to research the est population. They don't have one for dec so use the July Est. I found 3 different answers and averaged them out. Then you need to figure out the number to multiply the amount of inmates per 100k. Divide pop by 100k then multiply that by inmate number. The rest should be easy to figure out.

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