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    Sep 2, 2019, 04:37 PM
    Help! Math word problem OMG!!!
    I have been trying to wrap my arms around this and the logic explanation just makes NO sense to me (specifically the bold text below)! Can anyone help me understand in a different way?

    Twice the price of a scooter is equal to thrice the price of a television. If the price of the scooter is 600$ more than the television, what is the price of the television?

    A. 1800$
    B. 1500$
    C. 1200$ (This is the correct answer)
    D. 2400$

    Logic explanation:
    Let prices of Scooter and Television be S and T respectively. Then 2S = 3T or S = (3/2)T. Now given that S = T+600, put value of S so that (3/2)T − T = 600 or T =1200$
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    Sep 8, 2019, 08:29 AM
    Hi there! In your question they have tried to explain in a very straightforward method. Here's my explanation:
    Let's assume the prices of scooter to be $S and price of television to be $T.
    Now, it says in the question that twice the price of scooter ( which means $2S ) is equal to thrice the price of television (which means $3T). Putting the above sentence into an equation, we get: $2S=$3T. Taking the 2 from Left Hand Side(L.H.S.) to Right Hand Side(R.H.S.), we get: $S=(3/2)$T ( this equation means that the price of the scooter is equal to three second times of the price of television).
    It is mentioned in the question that the price of scooter is $600 more than that of television. Through this statement we can derive another equation: $S=$T+$600.
    In order to find out the price of the television, we substitute the value of $S as derived from the equation ($S=(3/2)$T) into the latter equation ($S=$T+600).
    On substituting the value of S, we get the equation: (3/2)$T=$T+600.(i have just replaced the value of S)
    On further solving, we get: (3/2)$T-$T=$600 (i have taken the $T from R.H.S. to L.H.S.
    Solving to the next step, we get: (1/2)$T=$600 (i have subtracted $T from (3/2)$T to get (1/2)$T)
    Next step, we get: $T=$1200 (i have take the (1/2) from L.H.S. to R.H.S., which means that the (1/2) will become 2 on R.H.S. and get multiplied to $600, making it $1200)
    That's how we get the price of the television.

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