A 1500 kg car starts from rest and drives around a flat 50 m diameter circular track. The forward force provided byt the car's drive wheels is a constant 1000N. What are the magnitude and direction of the car's acceleration at t= 10? IF the car has rubber tires and the track is concrete, at what time does the car begin to slide out of the circle.

So I started thinking that maybe if I find displaceemnt I can use the formula x = Vit + 1/2 at^2 to find acceleration. But in order to find displaceemnt don't you need angular displaceemnt? IF that's true is it 2*pi*r / period? OR pretty much convert into radians? But how do you do that if we have no period? OR do we have a period is is 10?

Can anyone help me.

Then for part two I thought finding critical velocity.. am I on the right path?