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    Acids and bases on svante theory
    How to write the charges when writing the net ionic equation

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KW - acids and bases [ 4 Answers ]

Is Kw reliant on how much water dissociates or on the Ka and Kb of an acid and its conjugate base pair? Or are they interdependent because the OH- formed by conjugate base must react with the H produced by the acid though not all because there is a lot of H ions?

Question about acids and bases; Kw; Ka and Kb [ 1 Answers ]

When you add ethanoic acid to water, pH changes because you increase H . Am I right to think that pOH changes because of the equilibrium H20 <----> H OH-. As H increase, equilibrium shifts to the left and amount of OH- decreases? The ethanoate also reacts with water to form ethanoic acid...

Acids and bases [ 3 Answers ]

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