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    Jul 16, 2004, 10:55 AM
    Gracie Jujitsu
    I've just started Gracie jujitsu, watched the lesson last week. I've done jujitsu before, but this seemed different, the floor work, the obvious difference.I was wondering if anyone can tell me, how effective gracie jujitsu is, on the streets, for example. Are there a lot of 'standing-up' jujitsu moves in there?

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    Dec 11, 2004, 03:41 PM
    A little Advice :)

    It sounds to me as though you want to know more about this art. You said that you have taken Jiu-Jutsu before. Have you learned that Jiu-Jutsu is the combat form of Judo? (the sport)

    Being a combat art, Jiu-Jutsu not only addresses defensive situations, but also addresses combat of many types. Gracie Jiu-Jutsu is an adaptation of standard Jiu-Jutsu made popular decades ago in the United States. I am not a Jiu-Jutsu expert, but I have been a martial artist for over 30 years. I am expert in Sung Moo Kwan, Golden Dragon Gung Fu, and many weapons. I have been trained in Judo-Jiu-Jutsu, Shaolin China, and Ninjutsu.

    Most arts address kicking, striking, grappling, and other points. However, Each art stresses these qualities in different proportions. Jiu-Jutsu is geared for self-defense and therefore street-worthy. So, Gracie Jiu-Jutsu is also street-worthy.

    I would encourage you to check credentials by asking for your instructor's lineage. (His instructor, His instructor's instructor, and so on) Then do some research to make sure they exist and call his instuctor to make sure that he knows him.

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    Jul 15, 2005, 11:12 PM
    Gracie jujitsu
    Ju jitsu is japanese in origin (almost exclusively).

    The japanese do not teach the completion of moves to non japanese.

    Gracie ju jitsu is based upon the discovery by a brazilian who studied ju jitsu of what they thought were better ways to do ju jitsu called small circle ju jitsu, what they did not know was the japanese have always done ju jitsu that way, they just do not teach outsiders it.

    Judo is non lethal, sport ju jitsu so that persons may practice ju jitsu against each other without death of students, and achieve recognition in olympics.

    Gracie ju jitsu has been taught at times to special forces. And is a reasonable way of defending yourself. Whether using deadly last ditch techniques or not.

    Ju jitsu is mostly deadly techniques, and includes all those found just in judo, because judo was designed to be all ju jitsu techniques that can safely be done to not kill students in practice sparing.

    There do exist gracie schools by members of the gracie family in usa and brazil, last I heard. It was their grandfather who first developed small circle ju jitsu. I did a web search and found a web site that claims to be a usa school:

    Hope that helps.

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