Good Morning,
This last Monday while looking for wedding pictures to blowup for our anniversary on Thursday I cam across some pictures that my wife had saved from some sexting episodes she was involved in for the past 2 months. As you can imagine I am all messed up right now... She has asked for a second chance an I with no hesitation at all I gave it to her. Now don't get me wrong I know that it is a 2 way street and there are problems on both sides that were not communicated. I take resonsibility for that and understand that there are faults on both sides. I love my wife very much but the feelings that are rolling through me are out of control... one minute I can think oh well it was just pictures but then the next minute it will be how do I know that nothing else happened (even though she swore to me that nothing physical happened. But the doubt remains and it feels like my guts have been torn out and thrown in the garbage. Some of the problems I have encountered in trying to deal with this is that I wanted to at least know who the guys was and all she would tell me is that it was no one I knew and that he is married as well... so she wouldn't give me any information because she did not want me to ruin his marriage... but I had no intention to. I just wanted to confront him and ask how he thought it was OK to conduct this behavior with a married woman and to ask him if anything else happened. She said she wants to work on our marriage and I could be more excited most of the time. My last problem is that she has only single friends for the most part and she likes to go out with them... I will not hold her back from hanging out with her friends and have gotten a couple of invites to go with and have. But the excitement level I definitely higher when she knows I am not going or it's a ladies night out. And finally I thought I was starting to heal last night while we were having dinner and trying to discuss things when out of the blue she brings up one of her single friends and how on a recent date she found out the size of some guys penis and how huge it was... Seemed like a completely inappropriate discussion for our anniversary night but just curious if maybe I am ultra sensative right now and will take anyhting like that the wrong way... just fyi we have been married for 4 years and been together for almost 10
Thanks for your assistance