Now, I'll give you the details that the title lacked. My wife of 10 months as of this date, and mother to our beautiful 1 month old baby girl has been invited to a bachelorette party in Las Vegas in about 10 months. I have a problem. I know that my wife is extremely beautiful... and young. She's only 23. I'm only 20. She's been told that she robbed the cradle. Anyway... back to the point... she will presumeably be asked to be one of the bride's maids, if not the maid of honor. At this bachelorette party they will be spending a few days in Vegas, drinking, partying, and going to at least one male strip club. I have already talked to her about the situation and told her that I don't approve. She asked WHY? Wow. That shocked me. I thought, no, I wanted, her to say "Trust me, I'm not going. I don't want to go to a male strip club." Or better yet, that she didn't want to jeopardize our family and relationship. But, rather, she actually wanted to go. Yet I know, as well as she does, that if I were to go to a strip club and have some girl get naked, dance for me and grind all over me, she would have a fit. Maybe even divorce me. So why is she okay with it? Why would she want me to feel how she doesn't want to feel? I told her that I couldn't even, ever, do that to her. Let alone do it for a weekend, hundreds of miles away from my family. Even if it was for my best friend, I'd decline. And I think he'd understand. This bachelorette isn't her BEST friend, she is a good one though, but she's afraid of what she might think of her. I'm actually really pissed off. I feel like my wife has less conviction and a lower moral standing than I once thought. She'd rather please one of her friends, and possibly herself, than me. I find that amazingly sad. She agreed not to go. But only because of how I feel. I got pretty fired up and demanded to know, regardless of how I felt, if she would still go and how she felt about it. She skirted the questions and... ultimately I feel let down. HELP ME PLEASE!! Any comments at all. I can't bear the thought of some guy with his rubber banded penis in a silk sock grinding up and down on my beautiful wife, or even the less bearable thought of her actually wanting that and thinking it's appropriate because it's a bachelorette party. Amazing :(