My wife left me a month ago for someone else and I desperately want her back. We are both 40 and have been together for 23 years and have 3 children. Last year I had an affair which has obviously resulted in my wife falling out of love with me and wanting to be with someone else. About 3 weeks before she left me I noticed that she had her mobile phone on her all the time. Ichallenged her about this and she shot in my face the affair I had the year before. We argued which resulted in my wife asking me to leave. I refused so she left me, the house we own and our 3 children. I made the mistake of not giving her time to think, instead I cried and begged her to come home. I tried to pressure her into coming home, instead I have forced her into the arms of another man. She told me she met him 3 weeks before she left and that they were just texing each other, but that they have been seeing each other properly for the last 2 and 1/2weeks. She has told me today that she wants a divorce and that she and this other man love each other. I still love her and hope that by some miracle she will realise she still loves me and comes back home. I would be grateful for any advice to put me on the right track to getting my wife back home with me and my children.