She admits, he is a womanizer and chases after the ladies in the office, tickling them and making rude and dirty jokes.
She agrees that she was the person he hounded the most.
She kept it a secret from me for 3 years, and lied to me during 3 years, when I suspected.

In the same breath, she says, she rejected his advances and showed him a cold shoulder, but he never stopped, until the point that she he demanded of her to travel with him, and she reported him, but that never stopped him.

She also admits to have a got an ego boost and thrill out of this, and she felt a sense of appreciation from him, she knew how he felt and thought and he was sexually attracted toi him, she never entertained him. She was rude and arrogant to him.

She used that sword over his head to control him, and she was in actuall fact the boss, when she said sit, he would, when she said jump, he would.

There is more to this story, feel free to ask, I have just written the story in short form...

Does any of this make any sense, if she rejected his advances and bruised his ego, why did he still feel he had a personal right to demand she travels with him to work ? They work in a different town and we live in all in the same town.

How can she get any good feelings from someone she literally hated ?

She still denies he never touched her or made any sexual jokes with her as the other ladies, but still he hounded her most of all ?