I just caught my husband in a lie. A stupid lie, but I am wondering why on earth he would lie? Does he have something to hide? My husband joined a gym recently referring to it as an All Male PIT gym - which he has been looking to do for a while. We have free membership to my mothers fitness center, but I agreed to eat the cost because it was the PIT gym he has been talking about all year. Yesterday he makes a comment about a female teacher at the gym and I caught him off guard with my response. I said - a female teacher? I thought it was an all male PIT gym. So - his lie went from No women to 1 woman- to 5 woman. I looked online and it is a normal fitness center - one of the biggest in the area where we live. He had never told me the name until I asked today - so I finally checked it out. Classes, sauna, massage, etc etc - oh yeah - even tanning. So I call - 50/50 ratio men vs women. So why did he lie? I have only ever lied to cover something up when I did something wrong. Why would he lie about it? The funny thing is he thinks it is a big joke. Laughing like I have no reason to be mad. He LIED. Whether he thinks so or not - he lied. Another thing is we have a very non jealous relationship.
Anyone have any ideas as to why he would lie?