My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years and we have a little baby.

When we were dating, there was so much excitement and passion between us.

Now, we argue all the time, and always about the same thing! He won't show me any affection.

It's not like I leave him guessing what to do. I've told him OVER and OVER EXACTLY what he can do to make me feel loved and wanted by him. But for some reason he just won't do it.

He'll be good for a couple of days and make promises to be better and make excuses about why he's been like he has. But then he always goes back to the same ways!

He could go weeks without REALLY kissing or holding me or being intimate. He still likes to have sex every now and then, but I consider us to be still newly weds!

I've tried everything! I'm a very sexual person, I dress up for him, give him shows, and walk around in see through lingerie. He doesn't even notice half of the things I do to get his attention!

He says he is in love with me and attracted to me. But if that's true, why won't he show me the affection I crave for?