My husband and I have been married for 2 years, the second marriage for both of us. My first marriage of 31 years was a very positive experience. His first marriage lasted for 8 years when his wife left him and their young son for another man. He has been single for 18 years and rarely dated. We were married two years ago and it has been an uphill battle for me to gain his trust and confidence in our relationship. He belittles me, ridicules me and insults my sexuality. He chooses not to answer me, or mimics me like a sarcastic parrot. I have told him that it s not fair that I do his previous wife's pennance for hurting him so deeply. I have reassured him that I love him and am in this marriage for the long haul. But it gets harder each day when I do not feel that the love is returned. When I try to talk to him, his reply is that he is entitled to his democratic opinion and I am too sensitive. He tells me that every day should be a new day and I should not carry his comments from one day to the next. However the comments and feelings do not go away over night and are building up - it is endless. I feel physically ignored and emotionally abused. This is an every day occurrence and I have tried very hard to comprehend how his behavior should be okay. I have not come to terms with it at all. Suggestions, please?