We have been together 25 years, married nearly 19 years and have 2 children.
My husband got a new job about 12 months ago and has just gotten a work cell phone a month ago. Up until now I have had access to all text's,call etc on our account and I knew what's was what but now that I haven't got the access I am paranoid that something is going on behind my back.

It first started a month ago when he was away on business and when he got home I had to get his work mates phone number out of his cell phone and I saw a text from a divorced woman who is associated with his work. It wasn't a work related text. So I looked into this more and discovered that he had been texting or calling and a few pxts about 80-100 times to her business cell and private cell in the past 2 months (on his personal phone before he got the work cell phone) then I found he had called her at her home (in the same city he was in) while he was away on business and when I checked the receipts from his trip he had also taken her out to dinner and purchased a quantity of alcohol from a store which they consumed I presume in his hotel room.

I confronted him about all this and he admitted he should have told me but there is nothing going on at all - he is not interested in her that way and he has done nothing wrong. He assures me that he is not about to throw away what we have - 2 kids and a wonderful home and life etc.

A few weeks went by and he emailed me a little saying about me being his sole mate etc but 30 minutes later he is calling her cell phone - just after midnight(he works nights sometimes)- I also confronted him about this and he denied it at first until I pressed the matter that I knew exactly what time he had made the call and then he said he was mucking around with his new work phone and had accidentially called her number and hung up immediately - it only rang for a second.
He has once again told me he is doing nothing wrong and its just harmful banter all the texting - He has said he will not text her any more if I makes me feel better.

I have told him I do trust him but I don't trust 'Other Women' - they see a good guy and try and get their claws into them and break up marriages.

I am making myself sick with worry and can't stop think about or disecting the situation which has all sorts of sorid things going through my mind.